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Long ago (last semester), I worked on a mobile game named Colosseum Coach. The team lead on that project, P.J. Keenan, was a big DOOM fan, and when we ran into issues on the project we joked that we should remake it in the DOOM engine. I'm not on that project anymore (and neither is P.J., who got a real job), but when I got the requirements for the midterm for my "Intermediate Game Development" class, I figured I should take a crack at it.

This is the result: a short, five or ten minute game where you fight through ten waves of enemies using only your sword and bow. I think it's a decent attempt. This isn't the DOOM engine, but I think the gameplay is probably pretty similar to what it would've been like if it was. If you're truly looking for some DOOM-like visuals, enable the DOOM color palette and CGA downsampling in the options.

The basic gameplay was made in about a day, and the result was polished up over the last week to resemble something like an actual game prototype. I'd like to revisit this concept for real some day, but I certainly won't be basing it on this attempt.

Credit for most of the art goes to, of course, the Colosseum Coach team. I believe the artist who did the gladiators/crowd and the hydra (the art from Colosseum Coach) is Sofia Miren Syjuco - though I might be wrong on that one. Full credits for the rest of the resources used is included in the download.


Colosseum3D-1.0.1.zip 21 MB


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I would like to record that Jared Braun is the first person to let me know that he finished this game.